HTML class Attribute


Definition and Usage

The class attribute is a global attribute. It specifies the class name for an element, which can used by CSS and JavaScript to control the behaviour of an element.

Example :

Controlled the behaviour of the <h3> element using the class name by CSS.

<h3 class="heading-3">Heading level 3</h3>


.heading-3 {
color: red;
background-color: #eee;
width: 150px;


Heading level 3

Controlled the behaviour of the <h3> element using the class name by JavaScript.

<h3 class="heading-3">First Element</h3>
<h3 class="heading-3">Second Element</h3>


var x = document.getElementsByClassName("heading-3");
x[0].style.backgroundColor = "#eee";
x[0].style.width = "150px";
x[0].style.color = "blue";


First Element

Second Element


Note :

The same name for multiple elements can be placed.

Example :

<h4 class="first">Ali is a good man</h4>

<b class="first">He always goes to school on time</b>

<p class="first">He is an active student</p>


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