HTML Global Attributes

In this tutorial we discuss about the Global HTML Attributes.

Attributes which can used in all HTML elements, is called Global Attributes.

Note : HTML Global Attributes do not effect on some elements.

HTML Global Attributes

Below is the list of HTML Global Attributes with brief description.

The below attributes is used only in all elements of HTML 5, not in older versions of HTML.

HTML accesskey AttributeIt provides the keyboard shortcut for an element.
HTML align AttributeIt specifies the horizontal alignment for the element’s content.
HTML background AttributeIt specifies the background image, behind the element content.
HTML class AttributeIt specifies the class name for an element.
HTML contenteditable AttributeIt specifies whether the element content is editable or not.
HTML data- AttributeIt is used to store custom data attributes on all HTML elements.
HTML dir AttributeIt specifies the direction of element’s content.
HTML draggable AttributeIt allows the user to drag the element content to specific place.
HTML dropzone AttributeIt specifies that what type of content will be dropped.
HTML hidden AttributeIt specifies, whether an element should be visible or not.
HTML id AttributeIt specifies the unique id for an HTML element.
HTML lang AttributeIt specifies the language for element’s content.
HTML spellcheck AttributeIt specifies whether the element’s content may be checked for spelling errors or not.
HTML style AttributeIt specifies inline styling for an element.
HTML tabindex AttributeIt specifies the tab order for an element.
HTML title AttributeIt specifies extra information as a tooltip about an element.


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